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    libceph: fix pg_temp mapping update · 8adc8b3d
    Sage Weil authored
    The incremental map updates have a record for each pg_temp mapping that is
    to be add/updated (len > 0) or removed (len == 0).  The old code was
    written as if the updates were a complete enumeration; that was just wrong.
    Update the code to remove 0-length entries and drop the rbtree traversal.
    This avoids misdirected (and hung) requests that manifest as server
    errors like
    [WRN] client4104 misdirected client4104.1:129 0.1 to osd0 not [1,0] in e11/11
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSage Weil <sage@newdream.net>