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    ACPICA 20050408 from Bob Moore · 44f6c012
    Robert Moore authored
    Fixed three cases in the interpreter where an "index"
    argument to an ASL function was still (internally) 32
    bits instead of the required 64 bits.  This was the Index
    argument to the Index, Mid, and Match operators.
    The "strupr" function is now permanently local
    (acpi_ut_strupr), since this is not a POSIX-defined
    function and not present in most kernel-level C
    libraries. References to the C library strupr function
    have been removed from the headers.
    Completed the deployment of static
    functions/prototypes. All prototypes with the static
    attribute have been moved from the headers to the owning
    C file.
    ACPICA 20050329 from Bob Moore
    An error is now generated if an attempt is made to create
    a Buffer Field of length zero (A CreateField with a length
    operand of zero.)
    The interpreter now issues a warning whenever executable
    code at the module level is detected during ACPI table
    load. This will give some idea of the prevalence of this
    type of code.
    Implemented support for references to named objects (other
    than control methods) within package objects.
    Enhanced package object output for the debug
    object. Package objects are now completely dumped, showing
    all elements.
    Enhanced miscellaneous object output for the debug
    object. Any object can now be written to the debug object
    (for example, a device object can be written, and the type
    of the object will be displayed.)
    The "static" qualifier has been added to all local
    functions across the core subsystem.
    The number of "long" lines (> 80 chars) within the source
    has been significantly reduced, by about 1/3.
    Cleaned up all header files to ensure that all CA/iASL
    functions are prototyped (even static functions) and the
    formatting is consistent.
    Two new header files have been added, acopcode.h and
    Removed several obsolete functions that were no longer
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLen Brown <len.brown@intel.com>
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