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    test-v2: LCD module create functioning. · 38d3c5d0
    Charles Jacobsen authored
    Host can successfully load LCD, using new interval tree/memory
    object logic. (Still get EPT fault while booting LCD.)
    Some fixes/changes:
        1 - Need to use page-level granularity for memory objects.
            Unlike alloc_pages, vmalloc is page-granularity (rather
            than power-of-2 page granularity).
        2 - The kernel module region base virtual address needs to
            match the host's upper 2GB address, because of how address
            calculations are done internally and because we use the
            host module loader with no linkage changes (it's possible,
            but not worth it right now). Add assertion to make sure
            this is the case.
        3 - Needed to make LCD the owner of its cspace (set owner
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