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    Adds support for passing short strings back and forth. · 92e45ef3
    Charlie Jacobsen authored and Vikram Narayanan's avatar Vikram Narayanan committed
    Simple illustrative example in test-mods/string_example. Ping-pongs
    a string 'hello' back and forth a few times.
    The string/data needs to be contained inside a single page
    for now. This should hopefully handle most of our immediate
    use cases.
    Idea: The sender grants the receiver access to the page that
    contains the data. The receiver maps it in their address space. This
    is clearly too slow for the main data path, and it's a bit hackie.
    But it works for strings that are passed in control plane interactions
    (rather than trying to cram the darn thing inside the message buffer).
    Wiki to be updated soon with more details.