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-- If your code fails, but e.g. modprobe or insmod hangs, the cpu may
be stuck in VMX Non-root mode or something. You will need to reboot.

-- If you get a page fault inside the lcd, confirm you put the __init
compiler flag on your module_init routine. If you don't do that, the
init routine won't be linked with the module.

-- You can rate limit printk so you're e.g. not printing an error message
after every vm exit.

-- If you get vm exits from nmi's, you should be ok - you probably have
the nmi watchdog turned on. nmi's fire periodically, and the nmi watchdog
just does some routine checks. It will print out warnings if there's actually
a problem.

-- Beware of putting printk's inside nmi handlers. Doing a printk inside an
nmi is in general not safe, because printk uses locks - if code takes the
lock and gets interrupted by an nmi, the nmi will block trying to take the
lock. And nmi's won't fire again until that nmi handler does an EOI, so you
got a hard lock up. (More recent kernel versions use safter printk handling
inside nmi's, if I'm not mistaken - deferring the printk until it's safe to 
do so.)

-- There may be a bug in the Broadcom bnx2 ethernet driver that was fixed
in the upstream kernel after we branched off version 3.10.14. You might
see - watchdog: timeout on eth0 (bnx2) etc. etc. And you may lose connectivity
and possibly a hang (if you're trying to access a file via nfs).

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-- There may be bad interactions with KVM code if you load it. This might
be the source of the bad hang, but I'm not sure.

-- See also some of the tips in liblcd.txt: Notes & Suggestions when debugging
page faults, etc. inside an LCD.
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-- If you get linking errors or redefined symbol errors, you might be using
a different configuration than what I used when I set up liblcd. You will
need to either change your configuration, or modify liblcd to resolve the
symbol errors. (This is one reason why we should build liblcd in a separate
tree, in the future.)

-- If you have lock dep turned on with `proving correctness', you will
get some warnings when you load the LCD module. This is because the code
in main.c and cap.c uses some wild locking that could possibly lead to
deadlocks (it hasn't yet). So lockdep dumps warnings. I haven't bothered
inserting the code to prevent lock dep from complaining.