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# CAIF physical drivers

comment "CAIF transport drivers"

config CAIF_TTY
	tristate "CAIF TTY transport driver"
	depends on CAIF
10 11 12 13 14
	default n
	The CAIF TTY transport driver is a Line Discipline (ldisc)
	identified as N_CAIF. When this ldisc is opened from user space
	it will redirect the TTY's traffic into the CAIF stack.
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	tristate "CAIF SPI transport driver for slave interface"
	depends on CAIF
	default n
	The CAIF Link layer SPI Protocol driver for Slave SPI interface.
	This driver implements a platform driver to accommodate for a
	platform specific SPI device. A sample CAIF SPI Platform device is
	provided in Documentation/networking/caif/spi_porting.txt

	bool "Next command and length in start of frame"
	depends on CAIF_SPI_SLAVE
	default n
	Putting the next command and length in the start of the frame can
	help to synchronize to the next transfer in case of over or under-runs.
	This option also needs to be enabled on the modem.