Commit 9fbf2e70 authored by Charlie Jacobsen's avatar Charlie Jacobsen
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Fix comment in simple/ kbuild file.

parent 39e1c7c5
......@@ -6,13 +6,13 @@ src = @abs_top_srcdir@/src/tests/simple
obj-m = libasync_test_simple.o
# Path are relative to root test/ dir
# Paths are relative to simple/ build dir
libasync_test_simple-y += main.o callee.o caller.o
# libasync.a is relative to src/
# LIBASYNC_PATH and LIBFIPC_LIB are defined (and exported) in
# src/
libasync_test_simple-y += ../../$(LIBASYNC_PATH)
# libfipc.a is relative to src/
libasync_test_simple-y += ../../$(LIBFIPC_LIB)
# Add -DCHECK_MESSAGES to check that message values contain what is expected
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