Commit 2f13590c authored by Charles Jacobsen's avatar Charles Jacobsen
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Add thc global init and tear down functions.

These are no-ops for now, but we may want to have some global
initialization stuff later.
parent 3e906a64
......@@ -1343,6 +1343,18 @@ void thc_done(void) {
int thc_global_init(void)
return 0; // no-op for now
void thc_global_fini(void)
return; // no-op for now
//struct run_args {
// int argc;
// char **argv;
......@@ -245,8 +245,16 @@ typedef void (*THCIdleFn_t)(void *);
// possibly producing additional AWEs which may be run subsequently.
typedef struct awe_t awe_t;
// Invoke these to initialize/tear down the thc runtime
// Invoke this before using any other code in the thc interface
int thc_global_init(void);
// Invoke this when you are finished using the thc code
void thc_global_fini(void);
// Invoke this to initialize the context for a *single thread*
void thc_init(void);
// Invoke this to destroy the context for a *single thread*
void thc_done(void);
// Finish the current AWE, and initialize (*awe_ptr_ptr) with a pointer
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