Updates cptr cache defs and build so that cspace config can truly vary.

Before, I just had some CPP checks that would stop the build
if the cspace depth wasn't 4, etc. So it required some manual
changes. Now it should be fully automated.

There are three awk scripts that generate some C code / do some
calculations, and the results are plugged into some headers (that
are now templates and generated by configure). I did it this way
because the CPP doesn't seem powerful enough to generate variable
length definitions like this (without some serious CPP hacking).
Easier to use awk and then AC_SUBST the results in.

If we want to make the code even faster, we could precompute some
other stuff like this as well.

I tested the user build, and ran multi_thrd_cap with a cspace
depth of 8, and cnode table size of 8. Looked ok.
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