Commit cde57a05 authored by Josh Kunz's avatar Josh Kunz

Add check for cyclic derive from our own root

parent fb261124
Pipeline #419 skipped
......@@ -908,6 +908,16 @@ static int __cap_try_derive(struct cnode *src, struct cnode *dst) {
if (!__cap_cnode_try_acquire_cdt_root(src)) { goto fail3; }
if (!__cap_cnode_try_acquire_cdt_root(dst)) { goto fail2; }
/* Check if we're trying to derive from our own cdt_root. Note:
* src->cdt_root and dst->cdt_root are guaranteed to point to their uppermost
* CDT root because we called __cap_cnode_try_acquire_cdt_root on both
* of their CDTs */
if (src->cdt_root == dst->cdt_root) {
ret = -1;
CAP_ERR("tried to derive from our own root");
goto fail;
if (!__cap_cnode_is_root(dst)) {
ret = -1;
CAP_ERR("tried to add non-root node to a new CDT tree (derive)");
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