Commit 876c9d98 authored by Charlie Jacobsen's avatar Charlie Jacobsen

private-types: No reference counting for type systems.

I don't think it's needed at this point. The libcap user is
therefore responsible for tracking lifetimes and freeing things
at the correct points.

In addition, I noted in cap_grant (not implemented yet), that
grant will fail if the source and destination cspaces have
different type systems.
parent 7a6967b4
......@@ -320,20 +320,15 @@ struct cspace * cap_alloc_cspace(void);
* @ts: the type system to attach
* Sets up cspace - initializes lock, root cnode table, etc. Attaches
* type system @ts to it.
* Bumps the reference count on @ts. When @cspace is destroyed,
* drops reference on @ts.
* type system @ts to it. The caller is responsible for ensuring
* the type system `lives' as long as the cspace. After all cspaces
* using @ts have been destroyed, it's safe to destroy @ts.
int cap_init_cspace_with_type_system(struct cspace *cspace,
struct cap_type_system *ts);
* cap_destroy_cspace -- Equivalent to calling lcd_cap_delete on all cnodes
* in cspace. Frees up all cnode tables, etc.
* Drops reference count on the type system that was attached to
* the cspace when it was created. If the type system reference
* count reaches zero, it will be freed.
void cap_destroy_cspace(struct cspace *cspace);
......@@ -360,10 +355,6 @@ void* cap_cspace_getowner(struct cspace *cspace);
* was created (which may be the global
* type system)
* @cspace: the cspace
* This function will not bump the reference count on the type system.
* If you plan to use the type system after all other references go away,
* you should bump its reference count (via cap_type_system_get).
struct cap_type_system* cap_cspace_get_type_system(struct cspace *cspace);
......@@ -373,7 +364,8 @@ struct cap_type_system* cap_cspace_get_type_system(struct cspace *cspace);
* @object: the object to insert
* @type: the type to associate with @object
* You must register @type via cap_register_type before using it.
* You must register @type via cap_register_private_type or
* cap_register_type (if available) before using it.
* The lifetime of @object must be at least as long as @object is
* in the cspace (it's up to you, the libcap user, to ensure that).
......@@ -408,6 +400,9 @@ void cap_delete(struct cspace *cspace, cptr_t c);
* Copies cnode data in src cnode at c_src to dest cnode at c_dst. The dest
* cnode will be a child of the src cnode in the cdt containing src cnode.
* IMPORTANT: If the source and destination cspaces have different type
* systems (the check is done for *pointer equality*), then grant fails.
* Note: Metadata pointers *are not* carried over to the destination slot (the
* destination slot will start out with NULL metadata).
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