Commit 3263c80f authored by Pankaj Kumar's avatar Pankaj Kumar
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Removed reserved slots for IPC send/receive(LCD specific) and using them in libcap

parent 48e1dd4c
......@@ -27,18 +27,8 @@ static inline unsigned long cptr_val(cptr_t c)
* Reserved cnodes:
* cptr = 0 is always null
* cptr = 1 is the lcd's call endpoint
* cptr = 2 points to an endpoint if the lcd did a receive, and the sender did
* a call (so the lcd can do a reply)
* So, if lcd A does a call on endpoint #1 and lcd B does a receive on endpoint
* #1, the endpoint at LCD_CAP_CALL_ENDPOINT in A's cspace will be granted
* to lcd B in B's cspace at cptr LCD_CAP_REPLY_ENDPOINT. lcd B can do a reply
* (one time and then it's revoked).
#define LCD_CPTR_NULL __cptr(0)
#define LCD_CPTR_CALL_ENDPOINT __cptr(1)
#define LCD_CPTR_REPLY_ENDPOINT __cptr(2)
static inline int cptr_is_null(cptr_t c)
......@@ -126,8 +126,6 @@ int cptr_cache_init(struct cptr_cache **out)
* Mark reserved cptr's as allocated
set_bit(0, cache->bmaps[0]);
set_bit(1, cache->bmaps[0]);
set_bit(2, cache->bmaps[0]);
*out = cache;
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