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      Demo Update: · 7450d0d6
      Yathindra Naik authored
      Added more support for NFS shared filesystem specifically in
      terms of parsing config files and handling Xenstore transactions.
      Backend domain exports files to guest VMs. We can specify which
      files a particular guest VM can access and the backend domain
      that exports it. Rest of the changes were made in Linux to read
      from Xenstore and setup LSM side of things.
  5. 30 Apr, 2013 1 commit
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      - New and Simpler design for event channels · f70a2190
      Yathindra Naik authored
      - Removed all the changes from first design
      - Note: cap_check is effective on alloc_unbound, bind and send for now
      - Config file should list only the domains that needs to establish event channels
      - Since Domain-0 has all the backend drivers, we'll need to make a driver domain to test some of the changes
      - Next step is to create a driver domain and see what is missing
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  8. 14 Apr, 2013 1 commit
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      - Event channels can be specified by guest config files. · 6053f260
      Yathindra Naik authored
      - Event channels are alloc'ed and capabilties are granted.
      - Tested for 2 domains which want to communicate with each other.
      - Need to introduce a new event channel state so that we can use
        the already allocated capability event channels.
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      - Introduced do_cap_op hypercall for capability operations (domctl before) · 8e351ea5
      Yathindra Naik authored
      - Shared do_cap_op with Linux-3.7.5 kernel
      - xc_cap_* interface remains the same except its not a domctl op now
      - Backend drivers now use the do_cap_op to grant caps to guest domain
      - Xenstore runs fully on capabilities at this point
      - Guest recognizes the virtual disk now; boots without causing a headache
  14. 15 Feb, 2013 1 commit
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      This change contains · 336cd518
      Yathindra Naik authored
      - Bug fix for xenstore message corruption
      - Explicit grant of capabilities for Xenstore
      - Few patches to make Xen-4.3-unstable play nice with multi-core CPUs
      - Still Linux Guest OS cannot use cap_grant which needs to be implemented
  15. 05 Feb, 2013 1 commit
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      This commit has the 'explicit grant model for xenstore'. · e8cb9fbd
      Yathindra Naik authored
      - Previously, child nodes of directories inherited their parents capabilities.
      - xc_get_caps gets the caps for a particular path/node from xenstore.
      - This is then granted using xc_cap_grant API.
      - As of now, we observe a timeout for backened driver.
  16. 21 Jan, 2013 1 commit
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      Xenstored now boots entirely with capabilities. Some of the changes made are: · b78094ea
      Yathindra Naik authored
      - xl code writes "dir" and "subdirs". It puts permissions on "dirs" first
        and subdirs are assumed to inherit those permissions.
      - Two new flags inherit_read and inherit_write were introduced so we could
        inherit capabilities. Once the "dirs" get permissions corresponding inherit
        flag is set. And all the "subdirs" underneath is granted respective caps.
      - At this point, default capabilities is not fully implemented. Its side effects
        haven't been observed so far.
      - Also, in order to grant capabilities to domains that stamped permissions on
        the "dir", a "grant_flag" is introduced in caps_to_strings. caps_to_strings with
        "grant_flag" set returns the domids that needs to be granted caps.
      - Note, during experimenting, I observed that a garbage domid could result in
        crashing xen. This has been fixed now.
  17. 17 Jan, 2013 1 commit
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      - Construct_node now creates capabilities on all nodes. · d8d04b30
      Yathindra Naik authored
      - Construct_node also grants capabilities to other domains that create nodes.
      - Hacked get_perms API in xenstore. Now I can see the capabilities set on different nodes via "xenstore-ls -p".
      - caps_for_conn returns error by default. This implies that when a new domain/driver reads a node and if it does not have the necessary capabilities then it'll get an error. Note that in ACL xenstore, they have a default permission.
      - caps_for_conn also checks caps for priviliged domains which is simply granted access in ACL xenstored. This change is for us to see if the priviliged domains are getting the right capabilities and not more.
      - I still need to see if we need a default capability concept at all.
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      Debugging continues... · 6f55b4b6
      Yathindra Naik authored
      - cap grant has 2 arrays. One is for hypercalls, second is for other purpose.
      - for hypercalls, I pass an index to cap_grant. But for xenstore I'm passing a list of caps.
      - For some reason, guest domain cannot read console from xenstore. Need to see this.
  22. 10 Jan, 2013 1 commit
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      Still Debugging... Not clear about the following: · fcae6417
      Yathindra Naik authored
      - New connections that are created by entities other than domains. I have set the cap_flag to true by default for every new connection for now.
      - In Set_permissions, Owner domain is the first domain according to protocol. I simply create caps and grant caps to others now.
      - Still not clear about creating caps during construct_node. Is this the right place or not ? If it is then which is the domain that should have these caps in its cap_space?
      - For now, I've been experimenting with mix and match for all of the above. Xenstored comes up fine even when domain 0 is in capability mode. That implies some of the elementary API's of xenstore protocol is playing nice with capabilities.
      - When I try to boot a guest domain, it looks like some of the nodes are not getting created in xenstore or due to some bug in creating/granting caps, we simply return ENOENT and domain creation is failing. Still need to debug this.
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      - Checkpoint - successful build. · be2d443d
      Yathindra Naik authored
      - Some design points still not clear.
      - Construct_node does not memdup from parents.
      - get_perms is EACCES in capability model.
      - set_perms, read/write node hopefully works.
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