Commit dbe1022b authored by David Vrabel's avatar David Vrabel

gitignore: add more files generated in xen/arch/x86/efi to .gitignore

These files were already listed in .hgignore.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Vrabel <>
Committed-by: default avatarIan Jackson <>
parent e9b24c7e
...@@ -282,6 +282,9 @@ xen/arch/x86/asm-offsets.s ...@@ -282,6 +282,9 @@ xen/arch/x86/asm-offsets.s
xen/arch/x86/boot/mkelf32 xen/arch/x86/boot/mkelf32
xen/arch/x86/ xen/arch/x86/
xen/arch/x86/boot/reloc.S xen/arch/x86/boot/reloc.S
xen/ddb/* xen/ddb/*
xen/include/headers.chk xen/include/headers.chk
xen/include/asm xen/include/asm
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