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Commit c73ce19f authored by Stefano Stabellini's avatar Stefano Stabellini

libxl: introduce flexarray_append_pair

Introduce flexarray_append_pair: a simple syntactic sugar to add a pair
of pointers to a flexarray, very useful when adding pairs of strings to

Replace flexarray_vappend calls (and one pair of flexarray_append)
with flexarray_append_pair calls when dealing with flexarrays that are
going to be used with libxl__xs_kvs_of_flexarray:

NULL is a valid pointer value in these cases while flexarray_vappend
uses NULL as vargs terminator, so the old code is buggy.
Signed-off-by: default avatarStefano Stabellini <>
Acked-by: default avatarIan Jackson <>
Committed-by: default avatarIan Jackson <>
parent ba8bec7e
......@@ -69,6 +69,14 @@ int flexarray_append(flexarray_t *array, void *ptr)
return flexarray_set(array, array->count, ptr);
int flexarray_append_pair(flexarray_t *array, void *ptr1, void *ptr2)
int rc = flexarray_append(array, ptr1);
if (!rc)
rc = flexarray_append(array, ptr2);
return rc;
int flexarray_vappend(flexarray_t *array, ...)
va_list va;
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@ _hidden void flexarray_free(flexarray_t *array);
_hidden int flexarray_grow(flexarray_t *array, int extents);
_hidden int flexarray_set(flexarray_t *array, unsigned int index, void *ptr);
_hidden int flexarray_append(flexarray_t *array, void *ptr);
_hidden int flexarray_append_pair(flexarray_t *array, void *ptr1, void *ptr2);
_hidden int flexarray_vappend(flexarray_t *array, ...);
_hidden int flexarray_get(flexarray_t *array, int index, void **ptr);
......@@ -1887,27 +1887,26 @@ int libxl_device_vfb_add(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t domid, libxl_device_vfb *vfb)
device.domid = vfb->domid;
device.kind = DEVICE_VFB;
flexarray_vappend(back, "frontend-id", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->domid), NULL);
flexarray_vappend(back, "online", "1", NULL);
flexarray_vappend(back, "state", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", 1), NULL);
flexarray_vappend(back, "domain", libxl__domid_to_name(&gc, domid), NULL);
flexarray_vappend(back, "vnc", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->vnc), NULL);
flexarray_vappend(back, "vnclisten", vfb->vnclisten, NULL);
flexarray_append(back, "vncpasswd");
flexarray_append(back, vfb->vncpasswd);
flexarray_vappend(back, "vncdisplay", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->vncdisplay), NULL);
flexarray_vappend(back, "vncunused", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->vncunused), NULL);
flexarray_vappend(back, "sdl", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->sdl), NULL);
flexarray_vappend(back, "opengl", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->opengl), NULL);
flexarray_append_pair(back, "frontend-id", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->domid));
flexarray_append_pair(back, "online", "1");
flexarray_append_pair(back, "state", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", 1));
flexarray_append_pair(back, "domain", libxl__domid_to_name(&gc, domid));
flexarray_append_pair(back, "vnc", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->vnc));
flexarray_append_pair(back, "vnclisten", vfb->vnclisten);
flexarray_append_pair(back, "vncpasswd", vfb->vncpasswd);
flexarray_append_pair(back, "vncdisplay", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->vncdisplay));
flexarray_append_pair(back, "vncunused", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->vncunused));
flexarray_append_pair(back, "sdl", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->sdl));
flexarray_append_pair(back, "opengl", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->opengl));
if (vfb->xauthority) {
flexarray_vappend(back, "xauthority", vfb->xauthority, NULL);
flexarray_append_pair(back, "xauthority", vfb->xauthority);
if (vfb->display) {
flexarray_vappend(back, "display", vfb->display, NULL);
flexarray_append_pair(back, "display", vfb->display);
flexarray_vappend(front, "backend-id", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->backend_domid), NULL);
flexarray_vappend(front, "state", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", 1), NULL);
flexarray_append_pair(front, "backend-id", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", vfb->backend_domid));
flexarray_append_pair(front, "state", libxl__sprintf(&gc, "%d", 1));
libxl__device_generic_add(ctx, &device,
libxl__xs_kvs_of_flexarray(&gc, back, back->count),
......@@ -228,10 +228,10 @@ static void libxl_create_pci_backend_device(libxl__gc *gc, flexarray_t *back, in
flexarray_append(back, libxl__sprintf(gc, "dev-%d", num));
flexarray_append(back, libxl__sprintf(gc, PCI_BDF, pcidev->domain, pcidev->bus, pcidev->dev, pcidev->func));
if (pcidev->vdevfn)
flexarray_vappend(back, libxl__sprintf(gc, "vdevfn-%d", num), libxl__sprintf(gc, "%x", pcidev->vdevfn), NULL);
flexarray_append_pair(back, libxl__sprintf(gc, "vdevfn-%d", num), libxl__sprintf(gc, "%x", pcidev->vdevfn));
flexarray_append(back, libxl__sprintf(gc, "opts-%d", num));
flexarray_append(back, libxl__sprintf(gc, "msitranslate=%d,power_mgmt=%d", pcidev->msitranslate, pcidev->power_mgmt));
flexarray_vappend(back, libxl__sprintf(gc, "state-%d", num), libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", 1), NULL);
flexarray_append_pair(back, libxl__sprintf(gc, "state-%d", num), libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", 1));
static int libxl_create_pci_backend(libxl__gc *gc, uint32_t domid, libxl_device_pci *pcidev, int num)
......@@ -261,18 +261,17 @@ static int libxl_create_pci_backend(libxl__gc *gc, uint32_t domid, libxl_device_
device.domid = domid;
device.kind = DEVICE_PCI;
flexarray_vappend(back, "frontend-id", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", domid),
"online", "1", "state", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", 1),
"domain", libxl__domid_to_name(gc, domid), NULL);
flexarray_append_pair(back, "frontend-id", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", domid));
flexarray_append_pair(back, "online", "1");
flexarray_append_pair(back, "state", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", 1));
flexarray_append_pair(back, "domain", libxl__domid_to_name(gc, domid));
for (i = 0; i < num; i++, pcidev++)
libxl_create_pci_backend_device(gc, back, i, pcidev);
flexarray_vappend(back, "num_devs", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", num), NULL);
"backend-id", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", 0),
"state", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", 1), NULL);
flexarray_append_pair(back, "num_devs", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", num));
flexarray_append_pair(front, "backend-id", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", 0));
flexarray_append_pair(front, "state", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", 1));
libxl__device_generic_add(ctx, &device,
libxl__xs_kvs_of_flexarray(gc, back, back->count),
......@@ -311,9 +310,9 @@ static int libxl_device_pci_add_xenstore(libxl__gc *gc, uint32_t domid, libxl_de
LIBXL__LOG(ctx, LIBXL__LOG_DEBUG, "Adding new pci device to xenstore");
num = atoi(num_devs);
libxl_create_pci_backend_device(gc, back, num, pcidev);
flexarray_vappend(back, "num_devs", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", num + 1), NULL);
flexarray_append_pair(back, "num_devs", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", num + 1));
if (!starting)
flexarray_vappend(back, "state", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", 7), NULL);
flexarray_append_pair(back, "state", libxl__sprintf(gc, "%d", 7));
t = xs_transaction_start(ctx->xsh);
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