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      Send provider:physical_network attr from get_networks if net is shared. · 0162f233
      David Johnson authored
      The default Neutron policy is that the provider:* attributes are only
      sent on a get_networks() call if the caller is an admin.  Well, Capnet
      needs that attribute so it knows which Capnet bridge to put a virtual
      NIC into.  And it turns out that if a non-admin user adds a VM to an
      admin-owned shared network, when Nova sets up the VM, it calls out to
      Neutron to collect network info for the VM -- but it must be doing it as
      the tenant user -- not with its admin powers.  Well, we have to know
      this attribute... so we open up the policy a tiny bit to send the
      provider:physical_network attribute if the network is a shared network.
      So we override that default Neutron policy bit here.
      This is really the wrong thing to do, I suppose, because it leaks
      provider info through get_networks for shared networks.  But the
      alternative is to make a secondary call in our Nova plugin to
      get_networks() with admin creds, and that I don't have time for right
      (The bit of our Nova plugin that requires this is in
      compute_capnet/network/neutronv2/api.py .)
      Nova agent collected the port's network info
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