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    Bring Cloudlab Capnet scripts up to speed; working; faster. · 7e96fcaf
    David Johnson authored
    Lots of little fixes... one important one is to make the Capnet physical
    LAN name 'capnetlan-N'... this means our OVS bridge (i.e.,
    br-capnetlan-1) has a name < 16 chars, which I believe is the Linux
    interface ID limit.
    Hopefully this is a pretty complete configuration; debug/verbose modes
    enabled by default for all our Neutron stuff (except the minor Nova
    plugin... that's not going to be any trouble).  We don't autocreate any
    tenant Capnet networks thus far, although we could now that we have the
    allpairs workflow app.  Next version.
    Since the compile times are so long (have to build protobuf main lib
    cause the Ubuntu version is too old for proto-c), we trot out pssh for
    some of this.
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