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Commit 5fe6144a authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Add a lame way to run the controller under valgrind.

parent a0e16d50
Pipeline #1331 skipped
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
mul: CommandFilter, /opt/tcloud/mul/bin/mul, root
mulcli: CommandFilter, /opt/tcloud/mul/bin/mulcli, root
capnet-controller: CommandFilter, /opt/tcloud/capnet/bin/capnet-controller, root
valgrind: CommandFilter, /usr/bin/valgrind, root
# capnet agent uses kill as well, that's handled by the generic KillFilter
kill-mul: KillFilter, root, /opt/tcloud/mul/bin/mul, -9, -INT
......@@ -783,10 +783,14 @@ class CapnetControllerProcesses(object):
% (self.controller_path,self.physnet,
try: os.unlink(self.controller_pidfile)
except: pass
av = []
if self.controller_path == 'valgrind':
av = [ '/opt/tcloud/capnet/bin/capnet-controller' ]
av = []
if self.controller_args:
av = self.controller_args
av.extend(['-S','%s' % (self.rundir,)])
if self.multi_controller_mode:
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