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    Parameterize hadoop wfas; change master flow setup; check master flows. · 73aca117
    David Johnson authored
    First, we add key-val parameters.  broker_name=foo sets the broker name
    to foo for registration and lookup (defaults to 'hadoop').
    runhadoop=False (or other False equivalents) will force the wfas to skip
    Hadoop config and run.
    We also separate out master<->slave flow setup and put it at the
    beginning of the allpairs flow mesh setup; this was for debugging.
    Finally, we also try and retry a simple parallel ssh task from the
    Hadoop master to all slaves, to "verify" and "wait" for them to all be
    up and reachable.  This helps us catch problems like when a VM can't
    fully boot because it failed to get its metadata, or whatever.
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