fix : packet drops by compute nodes by rewriting the whole chain rule to accept all traffic

parent 2f12c00f
...@@ -96,19 +96,14 @@ def computeOFlowInstall(dic, start_response): ...@@ -96,19 +96,14 @@ def computeOFlowInstall(dic, start_response):"Reconfiguring iptables for ids vm traffic")"Reconfiguring iptables for ids vm traffic")
iptable_flush = "sudo iptables -F %s" % VMCHAININPUT"%s", iptable_flush)
iptable_allowall= "sudo iptables -A %s -p all -j RETURN" % VMCHAININPUT iptable_allowall= "sudo iptables -A %s -p all -j RETURN" % VMCHAININPUT"%s", iptable_allowall)"%s", iptable_allowall)
ovscmdlist.append(iptable_allowall) ovscmdlist.append(iptable_allowall)
#rearrange iptable chain in cmd
iptable_del_fallback = "sudo iptables -D %s -p all -j %s" % (VMCHAININPUT, VMINPUTCHAINFALLBACK)"%s", iptable_del_fallback)
iptable_add_fallback = "sudo iptables -A %s -p all -j %s" % (VMCHAININPUT, VMINPUTCHAINFALLBACK)"%s", iptable_add_fallback)
else: else:
computetunflow = 'sudo ovs-ofctl del-flows br-tun tun_id=%d' \ computetunflow = 'sudo ovs-ofctl del-flows br-tun tun_id=%d' \
% (int(tunid)) % (int(tunid))
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