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\section{Tools Considered}
\item Eucalyptus to be used for the Cloud setup. Use AWS API for
programming as Eucalyptus uses the same programming interface as EC2.
\item Security Onion (SO) [pluggable interface for various IDS] \url{}
\item Chef: To distribute the rules of the IDS installation in Security Onion.
\item CLIPS/DROOL : Rule based modules.
\item RYU SDN Controller :
\section{Security Onion}
......@@ -97,6 +100,8 @@ Describe about this..[TO-DO]\\
from Campus Core network.
\item CNAC must have rule based support for forming the closed loop part
of the architecture.
\item GENI to be used for the networking part.
\item RYU controller which supports OpenFlow 1.3 to be used.
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