deidtect fine grained traffic fileter result in cpqd operating region

parent b3cb27fb
......@@ -75,6 +75,7 @@ def bandwidthTopo(bw, controllerip):
c0 = net.addController('c0', ip=controllerip, port=6633 )
srcLink = custom(TCLink, bw=bw)
srcLink2 = custom(TCLink, bw=4-bw)
otherLink = custom(TCLink, bw=4)
"Create custom topo."
......@@ -88,7 +89,7 @@ def bandwidthTopo(bw, controllerip):
# Add links
srcLink( attacker, topSwitch )
otherLink( topSwitch, brosys )
srcLink2( topSwitch, brosys )
otherLink( topSwitch, bottomSwitch)
otherLink( bottomSwitch, brosys2 )
otherLink( bottomSwitch, lvl2Switch )
......@@ -142,7 +143,7 @@ def monitorInterfacesInit(net, outfile):
return monitors
def bandwidthTest(bw=5, controllerip="localhost"):
def bandwidthTest(bw=4, controllerip="localhost"):
print bw
print controllerip
#!/bin/bash -x
echo "Running TCP tap test"
python -m tcp
cp -rv result/bw/5 result/tcpbw/
python -m tcp -b 2
cp -rv result/bw/2 result/tcpbw/
cp -v txrate2.csv result/tcpbw/2/
echo "Running UDP tap test"
python -m udp
cp -rv result/bw/5 result/udpbw/
python -m udp -b 2
cp -rv result/bw/2 result/udpbw/
cp -v txrate2.csv result/udpbw/2/
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