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      Some build sanitization for Josh's unit test. · 6396fd39
      David Johnson authored
      Mostly, this involves moving our controller's core MUL interaction
      (i.e., all the module init and MUL callback stuff) into a separate file,
      so we can build the core of controller.c into a lib that we can link
      unit tests against.
      In general, this whole thing is nasty, because libmulutil requires some
      app callback stuff to be defined by whomever is implementing main(), and
      of course everybody has to link against libmulutil.  In this case, since
      the tests implement main(), we have to do a tiny bit of glue stubs.  The
      amount of future glue code will depend on "unit test" paths into the MUL
      code... we may have to grow a "test" version of mul_app_main.c, for
      instance, or make that into a callable library.  Anyway, stuff for the