Commit e63103a3 authored by Josh Kunz's avatar Josh Kunz

fixup! Add extra logging on `create` requests.

parent 79f4e9cf
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......@@ -524,10 +524,12 @@ static int __cn_handle_create_message(cn_principal_t *as,
flow_args.node_grant = ul2cptr(msg->flow_args->node_grant_cptr);
/* TODO: Add flowspec stuff here */
res = cn_dispatch_create(as, result, type, &flow_args);
assert(msg->args_case == CP__CPCREATE__ARGS__NOT_SET
&& "Default case but unknown args set");
res = cn_dispatch_create(as, result, type, NULL);
__cn_print_profile_create(as, type, result->request.uuid, "stop");
return res;
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