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    Define the capnet capability protocol (CP); add to libcapnet build. · bee43ceb
    David Johnson authored
    I used Google's Protocol Buffers as my serializer/IDL thingie.  I
    couldn't really bring myself to use rpcgen/XDR after 10 years, and
    protobufs has some cool features -- check out my declaration to see
    (I have only one reply message, that flexes to handle all the request
    Sadly, Google does not provide native C generation (only C++/C#/ObjC),
    so rather than use some nasty C wrapper around the C++ (which would
    suck in all possible ways, I used protobufs-c, which has been around
    a long time and is reasonably current and does seem to get hacked on
    a little (mostly bugfixes).  The generated code isn't super nice, but
    it'll do once it's wrapped in some protocol sugar foo.  I hope.