Commit 611ccf85 authored by Leigh Stoller's avatar Leigh Stoller


parent 5f478b1e
......@@ -37,16 +37,24 @@ endpoints = [
# Request an endpoint
pc.defineParameter("endpoint", "Fixed Endpoint",
portal.ParameterType.STRING, endpoints[0], endpoints)
portal.ParameterType.STRING, endpoints[1], endpoints)
# Request a specific node that we know has a radio.
pc.defineParameter("node_id", "Node ID",
pc.defineParameter("node_id", "Radio ID",
portal.ParameterType.STRING, "nuc2")
# And a specific interface on that node,
pc.defineParameter("iface", "Interface",
portal.ParameterType.STRING, "rf0")
# Compute Resource
pc.defineParameter("phystype","Compute Type",
portal.ParameterType.NODETYPE, "",
longDescription="Node type of your computing resources.")
pc.defineParameter("n", "Count",
portal.ParameterType.INTEGER, 0,
longDescription="How many compute nodes do you need.")
# Now a structure to define a set of frequency ranges
ps = pc.defineStructParameter(
"Spectrum","Range",[{"lower" : "2684.3", "upper" : "2685.7"}],
......@@ -113,6 +121,15 @@ for range in params.Spectrum:
request.requestSpectrum(range.lower, range.upper, 0)
# Add the compute resources
while params.n:
# Create a raw PC and add it to the request
node = request.RawPC("comnode" + str(params.n - 1))
node.hardware_type = params.phystype
params.n = params.n - 1;
# Print the RSpec to the enclosing page.
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