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......@@ -80,17 +80,29 @@ Once this codebase is finished, this section should go away. But great works are
The basic goal is to take all the scripts from <> and convert them to not assume anything about the experiment topology
1. Really need some program which requests the bandwidth of each link from every node.
- This shouldn't actually be too difficult, I just didn't think about it until too late
2. Replace ``
3. Replace ``
- With something which launches netsa agents on the desired nodes
3. Figure out why running multiple OSPF sniffers causes problems
- Then fix those problems
- Then go back to launching OSPF on every node
## NetworkGraph
For the most part, standard NetJSON NetworkGraph fields are used, and those are documented [here](
At the top-level, no optional fields are defined. This may change in the future to add human-relevant information
The 'local-addresses' key gets defined by the ``, but it is not used by the rest of the scripts
Each Node defines the following properties:
- 'lans': A mapping of Emulab LANs a Node is connected to and its IP address on that lan
- 'management-ip': A single remote-accessible IP or hostname. The interface to which this address belongs on the node is ignored by the automatic scripts
- If the orchestrator's `--no-ipv6-assign` flag is used, it is important to define an 'interfaces' property
- If `--no-ipv6-assign` is not used (the default) then the orchestrator will attempt to assing IPv6 addresses to all non-management interfaces and use all interfaces for the 'interfaces' list
- 'interfaces' is a mapping of interface name to IPv6 address on that interface
- It is not required to be an exhaustive list of all interfaces on the node, but it should contian all interfaces which you want the orchestrator to configure (for frr's ospfd, etc.)
The `management-ip` field is required for use by the automated scripts, the `lans` field is not used
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