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Commit 30fcbe4e authored by Simon Redman's avatar Simon Redman

Add TODO to readme

parent bb2b95d3
......@@ -22,3 +22,17 @@ This is both a program which can be run on its own, mostly for testing purposes,
When used as a library, the most interesting method is `parse_topomap_to_netjson`, which returns a NetJSON-formatted dictionary. When run standalone, the program has built-in help by passing the `--help` flag.
The topology is parsed using the information in `/var/emulab/boot/topomap` to get basic information, and management IP addresses are found using DNS records. In many situations, topomap_parser will only properly work if run on one of the nodes of an experiment.
Once this codebase is finished, this section should go away. But great works are never finished, merely abandoned.
The basic goal is to take all the scripts from [] and convert them to not assume anything about the experiment topology
1. Replace ``
2. Replace ``
3. Replace ``
4. Replace ``
5. Replace `` -- This might be best done by building an image which already has this kernel setting set
6. Replace ``
7. Replace ``
8. Write top-level script which runs all previous scripts in an easy-to-use way
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