Commit 96de1920 authored by Peter V. Saveliev's avatar Peter V. Saveliev Committed by GitHub

ipset: merge pull request #325 from ffourcot/ipset_revisions

Ipset revisions
parents 89ea5e66 0c22ff0d
......@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@ from pyroute2.netlink.nfnetlink.ipset import IPSET_CMD_DEL
from pyroute2.netlink.nfnetlink.ipset import IPSET_CMD_FLUSH
from pyroute2.netlink.nfnetlink.ipset import IPSET_CMD_RENAME
from pyroute2.netlink.nfnetlink.ipset import IPSET_CMD_TEST
from pyroute2.netlink.nfnetlink.ipset import IPSET_CMD_TYPE
from pyroute2.netlink.nfnetlink.ipset import IPSET_CMD_HEADER
from pyroute2.netlink.nfnetlink.ipset import ipset_msg
from pyroute2.netlink.nfnetlink.ipset import IPSET_FLAG_WITH_COUNTERS
from pyroute2.netlink.nfnetlink.ipset import IPSET_FLAG_WITH_COMMENT
......@@ -47,9 +49,11 @@ class IPSet(NetlinkSocket):
policy = {IPSET_CMD_PROTOCOL: ipset_msg,
IPSET_CMD_LIST: ipset_msg}
IPSET_CMD_LIST: ipset_msg,
IPSET_CMD_TYPE: ipset_msg,
IPSET_CMD_HEADER: ipset_msg}
def __init__(self, version=6, attr_revision=3, nfgen_family=2):
def __init__(self, version=6, attr_revision=None, nfgen_family=2):
super(IPSet, self).__init__(family=NETLINK_NETFILTER)
policy = dict([(x | (NFNL_SUBSYS_IPSET << 8), y)
for (x, y) in self.policy.items()])
......@@ -69,7 +73,13 @@ class IPSet(NetlinkSocket):
except NetlinkError as err:
raise IPSetError(err.code)
def list(self, name=None):
def headers(self, name):
Get headers of the named ipset.
return self._list_or_headers(IPSET_CMD_HEADER, name=name)
def list(self, **kwargs):
List installed ipsets. If `name` is provided, list
the named ipset or return an empty list.
......@@ -77,11 +87,14 @@ class IPSet(NetlinkSocket):
It looks like nfnetlink doesn't return an error,
when requested ipset doesn't exist.
return self._list_or_headers(IPSET_CMD_LIST, **kwargs)
def _list_or_headers(self, cmd, name=None):
msg = ipset_msg()
msg['attrs'] = [['IPSET_ATTR_PROTOCOL', self._proto_version]]
if name is not None:
msg['attrs'].append(['IPSET_ATTR_SETNAME', name])
return self.request(msg, IPSET_CMD_LIST)
return self.request(msg, cmd)
def destroy(self, name):
......@@ -122,11 +135,16 @@ class IPSet(NetlinkSocket):
if timeout is not None:
data['attrs'] += [["IPSET_ATTR_TIMEOUT", timeout]]
if self._attr_revision is None:
# Get the last revision supported by kernel
revision = self.get_supported_revisions(stype)[1]
revision = self._attr_revision
msg['attrs'] = [['IPSET_ATTR_PROTOCOL', self._proto_version],
['IPSET_ATTR_FAMILY', family],
['IPSET_ATTR_REVISION', self._attr_revision],
['IPSET_ATTR_REVISION', revision],
["IPSET_ATTR_DATA", data]]
return self.request(msg, IPSET_CMD_CREATE,
......@@ -240,3 +258,19 @@ class IPSet(NetlinkSocket):
return self.request(msg, IPSET_CMD_RENAME,
msg_flags=NLM_F_REQUEST | NLM_F_ACK,
def get_supported_revisions(self, stype, family=socket.AF_INET):
Return minimum and maximum of revisions supported by the kernel
msg = ipset_msg()
msg['attrs'] = [['IPSET_ATTR_PROTOCOL', self._proto_version],
['IPSET_ATTR_FAMILY', family]]
response = self.request(msg, IPSET_CMD_TYPE,
msg_flags=NLM_F_REQUEST | NLM_F_ACK,
min_revision = response[0].get_attr("IPSET_ATTR_PROTOCOL_MIN")
max_revision = response[0].get_attr("IPSET_ATTR_REVISION")
return min_revision, max_revision
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ class ipset_msg(nfgen_msg):
('IPSET_ATTR_DATA', 'cadt_data'),
('IPSET_ATTR_ADT', 'adt_data'),
class ipset_generic(nla):
class ipset_ip(nla):
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