Commit 7727cc9e authored by Italo Cunha's avatar Italo Cunha Committed by Peter V. Saveliev

Add function to reload interface addresses

IPDB caches addresses on interfaces.  This function reloads all
addresses from the kernel.  This also lets `pyroute2` reload the
order primary and secondary addresses on interfaces.
parent 39080516
......@@ -1143,6 +1143,18 @@ class AddressesDict(dict):
for msg in
def reload(self):
# Reload addresses from the kernel.
# (This is a workaround to reorder primary and secondary addresses.)
for k in self.keys():
self[k] = IPaddrSet()
for msg in
for idx in self.keys():
iff = self.ipdb.interfaces[idx]
with iff._direct_state:
iff['ipaddr'] = self[idx]
def _new(self, msg):
if msg['family'] == socket.AF_INET:
addr = msg.get_attr('IFA_LOCAL')
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