Commit 62de83cd authored by Italo Cunha's avatar Italo Cunha Committed by Peter V. Saveliev

Add unit test for IPaddrSet ordering

Test IP addresses are added to the kernel in the order in which they
were added to an interface.  Also checks whether addresses are stored
in the same order as they are retrieved from the kernel.
parent 91ecc783
......@@ -82,12 +82,13 @@ class TestRace(object):
class BasicSetup(object):
ip = None
mode = 'explicit'
sort_addresses = True
def setup(self):
self.ifaces = []
self.ifd = self.get_ifname()
create_link(self.ifd, kind='dummy')
self.ip = IPDB(mode=self.mode)
self.ip = IPDB(mode=self.mode, sort_addresses=self.sort_addresses)
def get_ifname(self):
ifname = uifname()
......@@ -156,6 +157,30 @@ class TestExplicit(BasicSetup):
assert len(self.ip.interfaces[name]['ipaddr']) == \
def test_addr_ordering(self):
if1 = self.get_ifname()
primaries = list()
secondaries = list()
with self.ip.create(ifname=if1, kind='dummy') as i:
for o3 in reversed(range(1, 6)):
for o4 in range(1, 4):
for mask in [24, 25]:
addr = '172.16.%d.%d/%d' % (o3, o4, mask)
if o4 == 1:
truth = primaries + secondaries
addresses = list('%s/%d' % a for a in self.ip.interfaces[if1].ipaddr)
assert truth == addresses
def test_reprs(self):
assert isinstance(repr(self.ip.interfaces.lo.ipaddr), basestring)
assert isinstance(repr(self.ip.interfaces.lo), basestring)
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