Commit 2c17f353 authored by Peter V. Saveliev's avatar Peter V. Saveliev

changelog update

parent 669aada6
* 0.4.13
* ipset: full rework of the IPSET_ATTR_DATA and IPSET_ATTR_ADT
ACHTUNG: this commit may break API compatibility
* ipset: hash:mac support
* ipset: list:set support
* ipdb: throw EEXIST when creates VLAN/VXLAN devs with same ID, but
under different names
* tests: #329 -- include unit tests into the bundle
* legal: E/// logo removed
* 0.4.12
* ipdb: #314 -- let users choose RTNL groups IPDB listens to
* ipdb: #321 -- isolate `net_ns_.*` setup in a separate code block
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