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Commit b979c282 authored by Justin Pettit's avatar Justin Pettit

Set release dates for 2.4.0.

Signed-off-by: default avatarJustin Pettit <>
Acked-by: default avatarBen Pfaff <>
parent a8ff76a7
v2.4.0 - xx xxx xxxx
v2.4.0 - 20 Aug 2015
- Flow table modifications are now atomic, meaning that each packet
now sees a coherent version of the OpenFlow pipeline. For
openvswitch (2.4.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
[ Open vSwitch team ]
* New upstream version
- Flow table modifications are now atomic, meaning that each packet
now sees a coherent version of the OpenFlow pipeline. For
example, if a controller removes all flows with a single OpenFlow
"flow_mod", no packet sees an intermediate version of the OpenFlow
pipeline where only some of the flows have been deleted.
- Added support for SFQ, FQ_CoDel and CoDel qdiscs.
- Add bash command-line completion support for ovs-vsctl Please check
utilities/ for how to use.
- The MAC learning feature now includes per-port fairness to mitigate
MAC flooding attacks.
- New support for a "conjunctive match" OpenFlow extension, which
allows constructing OpenFlow matches of the form "field1 in
{a,b,c...} AND field2 in {d,e,f...}" and generalizations. For details,
see documentation for the "conjunction" action in ovs-ofctl(8).
- Add bash command-line completion support for ovs-appctl/ovs-dpctl/
ovs-ofctl/ovsdb-tool commands. Please check
utilities/ for how to use.
- The "learn" action supports a new flag "delete_learned" that causes
the learned flows to be deleted when the flow with the "learn" action
is deleted.
- Basic support for the Geneve tunneling protocol. It is not yet
possible to generate or match options. This is planned for a future
release. The protocol is documented at
- The OVS database now reports controller rate limiting statistics.
- sflow now exports information about LACP-based bonds, port names, and
OpenFlow port numbers, as well as datapath performance counters.
- ovs-dpctl functionality is now available for datapaths integrated
into ovs-vswitchd, via ovs-appctl. Some existing ovs-appctl
commands are now redundant and will be removed in a future
release. See ovs-vswitchd(8) for details.
- OpenFlow:
* OpenFlow 1.4 bundles are now supported for flow mods and port
mods. For flow mods, both 'atomic' and 'ordered' bundle flags
are trivially supported, as all bundled messages are executed
in the order they were added and all flow table modifications
are now atomic to the datapath. Port mods may not appear in
atomic bundles, as port status modifications are not atomic.
* IPv6 flow label and neighbor discovery fields are now modifiable.
* OpenFlow 1.5 extended registers are now supported.
* The OpenFlow 1.5 actset_output field is now supported.
* OpenFlow 1.5 Copy-Field action is now supported.
* OpenFlow 1.5 masked Set-Field action is now supported.
* OpenFlow 1.3+ table features requests are now supported (read-only).
* Nicira extension "move" actions may now be included in action sets.
* "resubmit" actions may now be included in action sets. The resubmit
is executed last, and only if the action set has no "output" or "group"
* OpenFlow 1.4+ flow "importance" is now maintained in the flow table.
* A new Netronome extension to OpenFlow 1.5+ allows control over the
fields hashed for OpenFlow select groups. See "selection_method" and
related options in ovs-ofctl(8) for details.
- ovs-ofctl has a new '--bundle' option that makes the flow mod commands
('add-flow', 'add-flows', 'mod-flows', 'del-flows', and 'replace-flows')
use an OpenFlow 1.4 bundle to operate the modifications as a single
atomic transaction. If any of the flow mods in a transaction fail, none
of them are executed. All flow mods in a bundle appear to datapath
lookups simultaneously.
- ovs-ofctl 'add-flow' and 'add-flows' commands now accept arbitrary flow
mods as an input by allowing the flow specification to start with an
explicit 'add', 'modify', 'modify_strict', 'delete', or 'delete_strict'
keyword. A missing keyword is treated as 'add', so this is fully
backwards compatible. With the new '--bundle' option all the flow mods
are executed as a single atomic transaction using an OpenFlow 1.4 bundle.
- ovs-pki: Changed message digest algorithm from MD5 to SHA-1 because
MD5 is no longer secure and some operating systems have started to disable
it in OpenSSL.
- ovsdb-server: New OVSDB protocol extension allows inequality tests on
"optional scalar" columns. See ovsdb-server(1) for details.
- ovs-vsctl now permits immutable columns in a new row to be modified in
the same transaction that creates the row.
- test-controller has been renamed ovs-testcontroller at request of users
who find it useful for testing basic OpenFlow setups. It is still not
a necessary or desirable part of most Open vSwitch deployments.
- Support for based continuous integration builds has been
added. Build failures are reported to See
file for additional details.
- Support for the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE 802.1D-2004).
The implementation has been tested successfully against the Ixia Automated
Network Validation Library (ANVL).
- Stats are no longer updated on fake bond interface.
- Keep active bond slave selection across OVS restart.
- A simple wrapper script, 'ovs-docker', to integrate OVS with Docker
containers. If and when there is a native integration of Open vSwitch
with Docker, the wrapper script will be retired.
- Added support for DPDK Tunneling. VXLAN, GRE, and Geneve are supported
protocols. This is generic tunneling mechanism for userspace datapath.
- Support for multicast snooping (IGMPv1, IGMPv2 and IGMPv3)
- Support for Linux kernels up to 4.0.x
- The documentation now use the term 'destination' to mean one of syslog,
console or file for vlog logging instead of the previously used term
- Support for VXLAN Group Policy extension
- Initial support for the IETF Auto-Attach SPBM draft standard. This
contains rudimentary support for the LLDP protocol as needed for
- The default OpenFlow and OVSDB ports are now the IANA-assigned
numbers. OpenFlow is 6653 and OVSDB is 6640.
- Support for DPDK vHost.
- Support for outer UDP checksums in Geneve and VXLAN.
- The kernel vports with dependencies are no longer part of the overall
openvswitch.ko but built and loaded automatically as individual kernel
modules (vport-*.ko).
- Support for STT tunneling.
- Support to configure method (--syslog-method argument) that determines
how daemons will talk with syslog.
- Support for "ovs-appctl vlog/list-pattern" command that lets to query
logging message format for each destination.
- GRE64 and ipsec_gre64 tunnel protocol is deprecated and will be removed
from OVS v2.5 release.
* The openvswitch-testcontroller package is new. It reintroduces the
simple OpenFlow controller that was packaged with Open vSwitch prior to
version 2.1, at request of users who find it useful for testing basic
OpenFlow setups. It is still not a necessary or desirable part of most
Open vSwitch deployments.
* New upstream version
- Nothing yet! Try NEWS...
-- Open vSwitch team <> Wed, 17 Jun 2015 16:09:32 -0700
-- Open vSwitch team <> Thu, 20 Aug 2015 17:23:43 -0700
openvswitch (2.3.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
[ Open vSwitch team ]
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