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Commit 11df5f06 authored by Alex Wang's avatar Alex Wang

netdev-linux: Make netdev_linux_get_in6() conform to API definition.

The get_in6() API defined in netdev-provider.h requires the return
of error values when the 'netdev' has no assigned IPv6 address or
the 'netdev' does not support IPv6.  However, the netdev_linux_get_in6()
implementation does not follow this (always return 0).  And this
causes the a bug in deleting vlan interfaces created for vlan

This commit makes netdev_linux_get_in6() conform to the API definition
and returns the specified error value when failing to get IPv6 address.

VMware-BZ: #1485521
Reported-by: default avatarRonald Lee <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAlex Wang <>
Acked-by: default avatarBen Pfaff <>
parent 4bf22388
......@@ -458,6 +458,7 @@ struct netdev_linux {
int netdev_policing_error; /* Cached error code from set policing. */
int get_features_error; /* Cached error code from ETHTOOL_GSET. */
int get_ifindex_error; /* Cached error code from SIOCGIFINDEX. */
int in6_error; /* Cached error code from reading in6 addr. */
enum netdev_features current; /* Cached from ETHTOOL_GSET. */
enum netdev_features advertised; /* Cached from ETHTOOL_GSET. */
......@@ -2481,12 +2482,14 @@ parse_if_inet6_line(const char *line,
/* If 'netdev' has an assigned IPv6 address, sets '*in6' to that address (if
* 'in6' is non-null) and returns true. Otherwise, returns false. */
/* If 'netdev' has an assigned IPv6 address, sets '*in6' to that address.
* Otherwise, sets '*in6' to 'in6addr_any' and returns the corresponding
* error. */
static int
netdev_linux_get_in6(const struct netdev *netdev_, struct in6_addr *in6)
struct netdev_linux *netdev = netdev_linux_cast(netdev_);
int error;
if (!(netdev->cache_valid & VALID_IN6)) {
......@@ -2494,6 +2497,7 @@ netdev_linux_get_in6(const struct netdev *netdev_, struct in6_addr *in6)
char line[128];
netdev->in6 = in6addr_any;
netdev->in6_error = EADDRNOTAVAIL;
file = fopen("/proc/net/if_inet6", "r");
if (file != NULL) {
......@@ -2505,17 +2509,21 @@ netdev_linux_get_in6(const struct netdev *netdev_, struct in6_addr *in6)
&& !strcmp(name, ifname))
netdev->in6 = in6_tmp;
netdev->in6_error = 0;
} else {
netdev->in6_error = EOPNOTSUPP;
netdev->cache_valid |= VALID_IN6;
*in6 = netdev->in6;
error = netdev->in6_error;
return 0;
return error;
static void
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