Commit 0b277d21 authored by YAMAMOTO Takashi's avatar YAMAMOTO Takashi

ofproto/trace: Fix "unchanged" output for Final flow

Clear actset_output so that it can be compared via flow_equal.
Note: trace->key has actset_output == 0.

Found by OVS flow tests under development for Neutron. [1]

[1] default avatarYAMAMOTO Takashi <>
Acked-by: default avatarBen Pfaff <>
parent c770cf37
......@@ -4887,6 +4887,7 @@ ofproto_trace(struct ofproto_dpif *ofproto, struct flow *flow,
xlate_actions(&, &trace.xout);
ds_put_char(ds, '\n'); = 0;
trace_format_flow(ds, 0, "Final flow", &trace);
trace_format_megaflow(ds, 0, "Megaflow", &trace);
......@@ -6689,3 +6689,14 @@ recirc_id=0,ip,in_port=1,dl_vlan=10,nw_frag=no, actions: <del>
AT_SETUP([ofproto-dpif - trace (unchanged)])
AT_CHECK([ovs-appctl ofproto/trace br0 'in_port=1'], [0], [stdout])
AT_CHECK([grep "Final flow:" stdout], [0], [Final flow: unchanged
AT_CHECK([ovs-appctl ofproto/trace ovs-dummy 'in_port(100)'], [0], [stdout])
AT_CHECK([grep "Final flow:" stdout], [0], [Final flow: unchanged
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