Commit 41a11ced authored by Simon Redman's avatar Simon Redman

Merge branch 'seg6-mode' into 'master'

Move Seg6Action default mode assignment to before it is checked

See merge request !2
parents a4c67b06 e86ded9b
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......@@ -166,17 +166,14 @@ class Seg6Action(RouteAction):
def __init__(self,number=None,dst=None,dst_len=None,gateway=None,oif=None,
if not mode in ["inline","encap","l2encap"]:
raise Exception("invalid seg6 mode")
if segments == None or len(segments) < 1:
raise Exception("no seg6 tunnel segments supplied")
super(Seg6Action, self).__init__(
if not mode:
self.mode = "inline"
self.mode = mode
self.mode = mode
self.segments = segments
self.keyid = keyid
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