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(``nlsdn`` requires ``pyroute2`` and ``flask``; you can install these on
Ubuntu via ``apt-get install python-pyroute2 python-flask``.)
``nlsdn`` requires ``pyroute2`` and ``flask``. We've made some small
modifications to ``pyroute2`` at . If those are important
to you, you can install ``pyroute2`` from that repository, by running
``$ python install --user``
Otherwise, if you are running Ubuntu, you can install via
``$ apt-get install python-pyroute2 python-flask``.
You can install `nlsdn` in the normal way:
......@@ -173,10 +173,14 @@ of these keys (:py:obj:`nlsdn.server.sdn.RuleMatch.NL_KEYS`), like so:
curl -k -u admin:admin -H 'content-type: text/json' -X POST \
-d '{"type":"rule","priority":500,"src":"","src_len":32, \
"sport":56789,"dst":"","dst_len":32,"oifname":"wlp3s0", \
"sport_range":[56789,56789],"dst":"","dst_len":32,"oifname":"wlp3s0", \
"action_id":500}' \
(Note that the use of the ``sport_range`` attribute currently requires
our forked version of ``pyroute2``, available at .)
This would create a ``rule`` (:py:class:`nlsdn.server.sdn.RuleMatch`)
``Match`` object that matches traffic from ```` heading
to ```` via ``wlp3s0``, and direct it to the ``Action`` with ID
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