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``nlsdn`` (Linux Netlink SDN-like control)

``nlsdn`` (
is a simple RESTful web application that allows its users to
programmably control features of a Linux host's networking stack
via netlink, using ``pyroute2``.  It provides both a low-level
"pure" netlink API, as well as a higher-level SDN-like northbound API.

The ``nlsdn`` server can be configured to run from a web server
via WSGI, or can be run standalone, if the selected web framework
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permits (for now, only Flask is supported, but others are possible).
For any serious application, you should run it via WSGI;
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however, the standalone version is multithread-safe.

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You can view the latest documentation at .

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David Johnson committed
``nlsdn`` supports Python 2 on Linux.