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Add a 'cheat sheet' for git grading procedure

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\renewcommand{\title}{CS 6963 Git Submission/Grading Quickref}
\item Class assignment repositories:
\item Web:\\\texttt{<ASSIGNMENT>}
\item Git:\\\texttt{<ASSIGNMENT>.git}
\item Your own working repositories:
\item Git:\\\texttt{<USERNAME>/cs6963-<ASSIGNMENT>.git}
\item Your grading repository:
\item Git:\\\texttt{<USERNAME>.git}
\item Start working on an assignment:
\item Visit the class assignment repository on the web
\item Click 'Fork'
\item Clone locally:\\
\texttt{git clone <YOUR-WORKING-REPO>}
\item Pull in changes made to an assignment
\item Add the class assignment repo as a remote called ‘upstream’:\\
\texttt{git remote add upstream <CLASS-ASSIGNMENT-REPO>}
\item Pull in changes (may cause a merge):\\
\texttt{git pull upstream master}
\item Submit:
\item Add your grading repo as a remote called ‘grading’:\\
\texttt{git remote add grading <YOUR-GRADING-REPO>}
\item Push up to a branch (exact branch will be specified in the handout):\\
\texttt{git push grading master:<ASSIGNMENT>-submitted}
\item Make sure \texttt{‘<ASSIGNMENT>-submitted’} shows up in:\\
\texttt{git branch -r}
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