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Your report should be thorough, and reflect the level of effort you put into
the project.
While length is not directly a criterion, it will likely require
several pages will be required to adequately cover everything.
Reports should be carefully edited and nicely formatted.
Produce a document you can be proud of.
Your report must contain the following elements:
\item \textbf{Paper}
\item \textbf{Introduction/Goals}
\item \textbf{Motivation}
\item \textbf{Results achieved by the authors}
\item \textbf{Subset Goal}
\item \textbf{Subset Motivation}
\item \textbf{Subset Results}
\item \textbf{Extensions to the Original Results}
\item \textbf{Challenges}
\item \textbf{Critique}
\item \textbf{Paper:} State the title of the paper, authors, where and
when it appeared. If possible, provide a link to the conference
proceedings, journal or digital library (ACM DL, IEEE Xplore, ArXiv,
etc.) where the paper appeared.
\item \textbf{Introduction:} Provide a 1--2 paragraph summary, in your
own words, of the paper.
\item \textbf{Goals:} Concretely, what are the major problems that the
original paper is trying to solve? What are its major claims?
\item \textbf{Results achieved by original authors:} What are the key
results that the original authors achieved in service of their goals
and support of their claims?
\item \textbf{Reproduction goal:} Which figure(s) or other results from the
original paper did you attempt to reproduce? Include the figure,
table, etc.
\item \textbf{Reproduction motivation:} Why did you choose to target
these specific results to reproduce?
\item \textbf{Reproduction results:} Present the results of your
reproduction study, including your versions of any charts, graphs, etc.
Do your results match those of the original paper? If not, is there an
explanation for the difference, and do your results still support
the original paper's claims?
\item \textbf{Extensions to the original results:} What improvements
did you make to the original experiments, or what additional
experiments did you run? What was the scientific goal of these
extensions? Do they help to support or refute the claims of the
original paper, or do they help shed light on an issue that was
not originally identified as a goal?
\item \textbf{Challenges:} What challenges did you encounter in attempting
to reproduce the results of the original paper, and what did you have
to do in order to overcome them?
\item \textbf{Critique:} Provide a high-level analysis of the main thesis
that you explored-–-does it hold up, does it depend on assumptions not
stated in the original paper?
\item \textbf{CloudLab profile:} Provide a link to the profile you made on
CloudLab to help others run the same experiments.
You can find good examples of reports here: \url{}
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