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Start of the final project format

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DOCUMENTS=handout weekly-report-format
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\renewcommand{\title}{CS 6963 Final Project---Final Report Format}
Your report should be thorough, and reflect the level of effort you put into
the project.
Your report must contain the following elements:
\item \textbf{Paper}
\item \textbf{Introduction/Goals}
\item \textbf{Motivation}
\item \textbf{Results achieved by the authors}
\item \textbf{Subset Goal}
\item \textbf{Subset Motivation}
\item \textbf{Subset Results}
\item \textbf{Extensions to the Original Results}
\item \textbf{Challenges}
\item \textbf{Critique}
You can find good examples of reports here: \url{}
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