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Jan 7: Course overview
Why this class is necessary
Walk through an example evaluation section
Overview of the topics
Class logistics
Talk about projects
For next time: get a gitlab account, get the book, read Chapter 1,
do 1.1
Show table as 'teaser'
H1: Ch.1 Out
Jan 9: Introduction to the evaluation of networked systems (Ch. 1)
H1: Due
H2: Ch.2 Out
Jan 14: Common mistakes (Ch. 2)
H2: Due
Jan 16: Selecting workloads (Ch. 4 & 5)
Jan 21: Monitors
Jan 23: How to read papers
Jan 28: Data presentation
Jan 30: Ratio Games
Feb 4: Going through papers, pt. I
Feb 6: Summarizing measured data
Feb 11: Comparing systems
Feb 13: Running linear regressions
Feb 18: Types of graphs
Feb 20: Going through papers, pt. II
Feb 25: Introduction to experiment design
Feb 27: Available network testbeds
Mar 4: Running experiments on GENI
Mar 6: Running experiments on Emulab
Mar 18: III XXX Rob out (GEC)
Case studies?
Mar 20: Common workload generators
Mar 25: Common evaluation tools
Mar 27: What aure you measuring?
Apr 1: Going through papers, pt. III
Apr 3: XXX Rob out (NSDI)
Case studies?
Apr 8: Introduction to simulation
Apr 10: Satistical distributions
Apr 15: Using GNU R to dest stat. distributions
Apr 17: Final Presentations I
Apr 22: Final Presentations II
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