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Lecture notes for Lecture 18

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\title{CS6963 Lecture \#18}
\author{Robert Ricci}
\date{April 15, 2014}
\1 Some very embarrassing mistakes
\2 Numbers that cannot possibly be right
\2 Failing to explain anything, just presenting graphs
\2 Strange oddities that were not explored at all
\2 Unreadable graphs
\2 Not answering the questions
\2 Logical flow from experiments to question answers to a conclusion
\2 Generally incurious about the results
\1 Not using the tools from the class
\2 Picking number of runs
\2 Telling me which index of central tendency
\2 Some measure of variance
\2 Using statistical tests on means to prove difference or lack thereof
\1 Why did we get different numbers?
\2 How clients were run - back to back or at the same time?
\2 Did we saturate the links?
\2 TC: All clients through one pipe?
\1 Experience repeating someone else's experiment
\2 Who became more convinced of their own results?
\2 Less?
\2 What did it make you wish about how you did your own?
\2 Who had to talk to the "author"?
\2 Who had to have the author make changes?
\2 Did you actually manage to get similar results to the "author"?
\2 How well did the tools work - GENI and our own tools?
\1 Why we are going to do it again:
\2 I want to have confidence in your evaluations
\2 I want you to actually apply tools from the class
\1 Due date: the 30th? (last day of finals week)
\2 Willing to make deals with the defending MS students
\1 For next time (x2): what should we do review of?
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