Commit da7bb7ca authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci

Update lecture note template

parent 098084e0
\documentclass{article}[12pt] \documentclass{article}[12pt]
\input{../../texstuff/fonts.sty} \input{../../texstuff/fonts.sty}
\usepackage[margin=1.25in]{geometry} \input{../../texstuff/notepaper.sty}
\usepackage{outlines} \usepackage{outlines}
\title{CS6963 Lecture \#1} \title{CS6963 Lecture \#1}
\author{Robert Ricci} \author{Robert Ricci}
\date{January 7, 2014} \date{January 7, 2015}
\begin{document} \begin{document}
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