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......@@ -22,15 +22,27 @@
\renewcommand{\title}{CS 6963 Homework \#5}
\newcommand{\assigned}{February 12}
\newcommand{\due}{February 20}
\newcommand{\turnin}{branch \texttt{hw5-submit} -- file \texttt{submit.pdf}}
\renewcommand{\title}{CS 6963 Homework \#6}
\newcommand{\assigned}{February 25}
\newcommand{\due}{March 1}
\newcommand{\turnin}{branch \texttt{hw6-submit} -- file \texttt{submit.pdf}}
\textbf{Important notes:}
\item You must turn in evidence of work: code, spreadsheets, pictures of
handwritten notes, etc. This can be in files other than
\texttt{submit.pdf}, but please mention them in \texttt{submit.pdf}
so I don't have to do a lot of digging to find them.
\item All answers that are real numbers (not ints) must have at least 6
significant figures, so that they contain data not in the solution
manual in the book.
\item You may wish to refer to this file: \url{}
\item Do Exercise 12.1 from the textbook
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