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Notes for Lecture 17, probably final

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\1 Main theme for today: planning for final projects
\1 What you will turn in for your final project
\2 A report modeled after the ones on the site you read, including
instructions on how to re-do what you did
\2 A git repository with \textbf{everything} that went into your report---notes,
scripts, data, etc.
\3 Part of your reason for producing this is to convince me you're working
hard on the problem
\2 A CloudLab profile that makes it easy to re-do your work
\2 I will not penalize you if the results do not reproduce correctly or it's
too hard, but you have to convince me it was not from a lack of trying
\1 Some changes to class structure
\2 We are transitioning to a point where your final project is \textbf{the}
work for the class
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\2 I will be more forgiving of a short report if you can show me evidence
of work that you did
\1 Reports from the site
\2 \textit{Notice any things in common?}
\2 \textit{Did anyone read any that didn't reproduce the results?}
\2 Many don't reproduce effects exactly, but reproduce the effects
\3 This is perfectly fine
\2 A few fail to reproduce the results, but not many
\2 I liked the explanations for why they chose the figures that they did
\1 Your own plans
\2 \textit{What are you excited about?}
\2 \textit{What's going to be hard?}
\2 \textit{What are the things you're worried about?}
\1 For next time
\2 We'll talk about statistical distributions
\2 Read chapter 29
\2 Start working on your final project, you will need to report some
progress by Friday
progress by Friday, and I expect a good plan for next week
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