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Finish HW #6

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\item Question part 1
\item \textbf{NOTE: This part must be done before class on the 18th; if not,
no points will be awarded.}
Follow the instructions here:
\url{} to sign up an account
on GENI. In Step~1, you should select the University of Utah as your
identity provider. In Step~2, you should follow part 2a and
join the \texttt{CS6963-S14} project; you may ignore part 2b.
\textit{To ``answer'' this question in your submit.pdf file, simply
indicate whether you did this on time or not.}
\item Do Exercise~13.2 from the textbook
\item Do Exercise~13.3 from the textbook (note: Table~11.2 can be found on
\item Question part 2
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