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\1 Giving talks - specifically, conference type talks
\1 Hold the audience's interest
\2 Tell a story
\2 Assume they are looking for an excuse to get back to their email
\2 Put in the effort: multiply the audience size by the length of your
talk to think of how much attention you are consuming
\1 Slides
\2 Your slides are not your notes
\3 They are visual aids to punctuate what you're saying
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\2 Slides are not paper, you don't have to do black on white
\2 Use color to convey information, but remember
\3 Conference projectors have the worst color accuracy in the universe
\3 Colorblindness, esp. red/green colorblindness
\3 Colorblindness, esp. red/green colorblindness (8\% of
European-descended men)
\2 If you're not comfortable with humor, just put the joke on the slide
\2 Animations should only reduce confusion or convey information
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\2 Listen to feedback, don't argue with it
\2 Do two practices after the final change you make to your slides
\2 It's important to be comfortable (physically as well as mentally)
\2 Practice the key words that you might have trouble pronouncing
\1 Presentation
\2 Never look at your slides
\2 Never look at your slides
\2 Don't us a laser pointer---use animated objects on the slides
\2 Talk to people, not the room
\2 Use a clicker
\1 For next time
\2 Two papers to read, evals to do
\2 Work on reproducing!
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