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average of ratios or bad experiments
\2 No sensitivity analysis: Analysis gives you evidence, not facts.
What would change if setting changes?
\2 Ignoring errors in input: errors may be systematically biased
(eg. queues too long, drop work)
\2 Improper treatment of outliers: Is it an artifact of the evaluation
environment, or can it really happen?
\2 Assuming no change in the future: Big one for research, which is
supposed to be forward looking---assumptions and sensitivity analysis
\2 Ignoring variability: Don't just present mean! - eg. bimodal high/low
\2 Too complex analysis: Don't make it complex just for the sake of seeming
\2 Improper presentation of results: Remember, about persuasion
\2 Ignoring social aspects: Again, about persuasion. Remember: you know
a lot that the audience doesn't. Audience is rarely as expert as you in
the details of the thing you're writing about. Beliefs, values,
language, jargon.
\2 Omitting assumptions and limitations: Important in research---under what
conditions do you expect your conclusions to be true?
\1 For next time
\2 Read 2.2
\2 HW \#2 due before class starts
\2 HW \#3 will be handed out by class time
\3 Need three volunteers to go first for paper anaylsis
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