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\2 Saves you a lot of time not running experiments that don't reveal more
\2 May take a few experiments to determine
\2 A good (negative) example the FV paper
\2 If you know for sure they are independent, make sure to say so in the
\1 Sensitivity analysis
\2 Is your system sensitive to processor speed? Disk speed? Bandwidth?
\2 The world will change in the future (or even on other systems right
\2 Understand what changes would, and would not, affect your sytem
\3 What if disks get faster?
\3 Inevitable increases in bandwidth
\3 Greater parallelism
\2 Obviously there are limits to what you can/should actually test
\2 Usually just report in a sentence
\3 Might seem unsatsifying to you, but it's helpful to you readers
\1 Common mistakes
\2 Ignoring variation in experimental error
\2 Not controlling params
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